<street>2025 Hembree Grove Dr.</street>
 <objective>Software Developer</objective>
 <sh>11+ years OO Analysis, Design, Programming experience using Java, Delphi, C++ and UML.</sh>
 <sh>7 years experience with markup technologies; HTML, XML, XSL, SGML, custom markup.</sh>
 <sh>Experienced in the full development lifecycle using Ant, JavaDoc, Rational Tools, PVCS, makefiles</sh>
 <sh>7 years experience with SQL relational databases using SQL Anywhere, ASA 7.0, Access, ODBC, ADO.</sh>
 <sh>Experience with server web technologies; Apache, Tomcat, Cocoon, IIS, ASP.</sh>
 <sh>Experience with client web technologies; JavaScript, DHTML.</sh>
 <sh>11 years experience with UI layout classes; Swing, AWT, Delphi, VisualAge C++, PenPoint.</sh>
 <sh>Can work individually, paired and in a team using development methodologies such as XP and RUP.</sh>
 <sh>7 years experience in medical and clinical data using HL7 and XML.</sh>
 <sh>Highly inquisitive, creative and resourceful.</sh>
 <sh>Excited by the challenge of research and development.</sh>
 <accomplishment>Developed Structured Notes Markup Language (SNML) used to collect complex clinical data.</accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Codeveloped Smart GraphPaper (SGP). Patents #5,608,861; #5,801,688</accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Architected the Activity Log project using RUP. Oversaw the development of the application and HL7 interface. </accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Developed Pen Controls that allowed Delphi applications to run on both stand ard workstations and pen-enabled tablets.</accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Refactored Pen Controls to use a generic SVG-like XML format to store ink to allow applications to run on additional OSes.</accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Documented Assessments middle layer design in UML and then added a series of enhancements including improved loading performance (x5) and adding a search framework.</accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Refactored the fragile Plan of Care Builder (other developers were hesitant to touch it). Documented the design in UML, stabilized the code and then added new major functionality.</accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Installed/maintain home network with Linux and Windows workstations/servers w/ high speed internet connection.</accomplishment>
 <accomplishment>Obtained Sun's Java 2 Developer and Programmer Certifications. (Developer project documentation: http://www.greatsky.us/doc)</accomplishment>
 <companyname>GreatSky Design</companyname>
 <expr_desc>Developed database structure, queries and forms for managing church, clergy and leader information using Access.(South Georgia United Methodist Conference)</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Developed auction web site using ColdFusion, Access, JavaScript and DHTML. (North Georgia United Methodist Conference, www.ngumc.net/auction/auction.cfm)</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Developed youth web site using ASP, Access, JavaScript, IIS and DHTML (NGUMC, www.umcyouth.org)</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Developed sub-web site for collecting Charge Conference forms information using IIS, ASP, Access, JavaScript and DHTML (NGUMC)</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Troubleshot problems with NGUMC's web pages. ( http://www.ngumc.org )</expr_desc>
 <position>Senior Software Developer</position>
 <companyname>CareCentric Inc.</companyname>
 <expr_desc>One of two original developers of the 'Smart ClipBoard' (SCB), flagship product of CareCentric Solutions. SCB is the superior home health point-of-care clinicial system on the market. The first version was developed in PenPoint (an object-oriented OS designed for mobile pen computing). The second version was implemented on top of Pen Windows. The application used both client/server and disconnected remote clients.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Developed many components and systems used in SCB. (See Accomplishments for examples)</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Lead developer/architect/mentor for many projects. Examples: Activity Log. CareCentric's first RUP project. Integration with two backend medical systems using HL7. Pen Controls. Structured Notes. All Visit Note subtabs (General, Documents Left, Consumables, Aide Supervision and Signatures). Transaction Log. Numerous reports.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Participated in requirements gathering and high level design.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc> Mentored other developers in UML, XML, OO design and programming.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Created online help documentation for Structured Notes Designer.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Assisted QA with developing test plans.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Provided third-tier customer support.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Technologies used: Delphi, C/C++, SQL AnyWhere, ASA 7.0, MS Windows (all), Pen Windows, XML, XSL, PVCS, Lotus Notes, Rational Tools, RUP, MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel, ReportBuilder, UML, ActiveX/COM, PenPoint (OS), RoboHelp</expr_desc>
 <companyname>Washington University, St. Louis, MO</companyname>
 <deptname>Computer Science Dept, 'Pen Lab'</deptname>
 <expr_desc>Developed software and hardware used in researching the use of pen computers. The Kumon(TM) Project developed and researched software using pen computers to replace the current Kumon(TM) math workbooks.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Developed software and hardware used in researching the use of sound processing. Designed hardware and software using DSP chips. Used NeXT stations and also standalone DSP development hardware.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Technologies used: C/C++, various DSP assembly languages, MS Windows, Pen Windows, PenPoint, NeXT, BSD UNIX, AutoCad</expr_desc>
 <position>Computer Lab Manager</position>
 <deptname>Engineering Computer Lab</deptname>
 <expr_desc>Installed and managed computer labs for the Engineering School.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Managed and used UNIX servers and workstations, Windows, DOS, numerous programming and scripting languages.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Installed and maintained many engineering and general purpose applications.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Technologies used: C/C++, Pascal, MS DOS, MS Windows, MacIntosh, BSD & Sys V UNIX, TCP/IP, NFS, RFS, Ethernet, AutoCad, numerous word processors and spreadsheets including Word and Excel, numerous engineering applications, Primavera (project management), 4DOS (DOS scripting), Bourne & C Shell (UNIX scripting), X Windows terminals</expr_desc>
 <position>Computer Technician</position>
 <deptname>Computer Science Dept.</deptname>
 <expr_desc>Installed and maintained computer equipment for the Computer Science Dept. including installing one of the first (if not the first) IBM PC student labs in the world.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Repaired and maintained (to the chip level) computers (ex: PDP-11, PCs, etc), terminals, communication and network devices. Installed and maintained robotic arm, high-end graphic systems, voice reconigition systems.</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Designed and built custom communiciation hardware (serial long line extenders; 8x4 matrix serial line sharing device)</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Technologies used: C, Pascal, assembly languages (PDP-11, i8086, Mot68000, etc.), DOS, MacIntosh, RT-11, DEC-20</expr_desc>
 <description>Personal Experience</description>
 <expr_desc>Computer consultant to small businesses and individuals providing hardware/software installation and support. Custom programming. (Mid '80s to 1993) Technologies used: Pascal, Dbase (II,III,IV), various BASICs, PC-DOS, CP/M</expr_desc>
 <expr_desc>Developed Inventory Management and Check Mangement system for retail computer store (Forte Computers, Collinsville, IL), Used DBase II on CP/M.</expr_desc>
Home network consists of:
 <expr_item>Linux firewall / webserver currently running Apache, Tomcat, Cocoon</expr_item>
 <expr_item>Linux file / print server using NFS and Samba (Windows server software)</expr_item>
 <expr_item>Dual boot Windows/Linux workstation</expr_item>
 <expr_item>Laptop w/ Windows</expr_item>
 <expr_item>Cable Modem, 100BaseT Hub</expr_item>
 <school_name>Washington Univ. in St. Louis</school_name>
 <location>St. Louis, MO</location>
 <degree>Computer Engineering (CS/EE dual degree) Most College Coursework Completed</degree>
 <ed_item>Completed all most all requirements for majors with a 3.52 GPA (89.8 CU) before leaving to start a company (CareCentric Solutions). Missing 2 CS classes, 1 EE, 7 general req.</ed_item>
 <ed_item>Studied software and hardware analysis and design, C/C++, Pascal, LISP, PROLOG, ADA, assembly (80x86, 680x0, PDP-11, others), large application design, digital system design.</ed_item>
 <ed_item>Transcript available upon request.</ed_item>
 <conference>SGML/XML '97</conference>
 <conference>XML '99</conference>
 <conference>Borland App Server (1999)</conference>
 <conference>HL7 Fall '99</conference>
 <ed_expr_name>Current Personal Study</ed_expr_name>
 <ed_expr_item>Design Patterns</ed_expr_item>
 <ed_expr_item>Continuous Integration</ed_expr_item>
 <ed_expr_item>eXtreme Programming (XP)</ed_expr_item>